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Sustainable Development Goals

Our commitment to preserving and promoting bio diversity through sustainable practices and conservation efforts. Biodiversity encompasses the full range of life forms that exist on our planet, from microorganisms to human beings. It also includes the various habitats in which these living things reside, as well as the intricate interactions between them that form entire ecosystems.


Our organization has recently collaborated with Flynn Furney Environmental Consultants to develop a biodiversity action plan, which we are now implementing through a series of key projects aimed at maximizing benefits for both wildlife and people. We recognize that we are an integral part of the biodiversity we seek to protect, and that our well-being is dependent on the provision of a wide range of ecosystem services, such as clean air and water, food, medicines, natural landscapes, flood control, noise pollution control, and more. The health and well-being of humans is closely tied to the health of our environment, and biodiversity provides us with a variety of natural amenities to enjoy, such as parks and green spaces, wildlife, and beautiful landscapes. This in turn enhances our quality of life, as well as the attractiveness of our country as a tourist destination, a place to live, and do business. As a supporter of the All Ireland Pollinator Plan, we are committed to participating in conservation efforts to protect our pollinating insects.

Our Grounds

At Enterprising Monaghan MTEK, we take pride in the features of our grounds, which include a diverse array of semi-mature trees, such as Birch, Oak, Ash, Alder, Beech, Cherry, Rowan, and Whitebeam. We are particularly excited to have discovered an Irish Whitebeam tree, which is endemic to Ireland, and are planning to collect its seeds for propagation and planting in the area. While we have unfortunately experienced the effects of Ash disease on our Ash trees, we remain hopeful that some will survive. We are also committed to preserving the wild patches along the boundary towards the rear of our building, which provide important habitats for birds and pollinators.

MTEK Drone Photo
Co-Working Office Space (3)

Our Biophilic Office

We have taken steps to create a biophilic office environment, which draws inspiration from the concept of biophilia - our inherent love for living things. By using natural materials, colours, shapes, patterns, light, and greenery that mimic the forms and textures of nature, we have created a relaxing and calming atmosphere that promotes productivity and creativity. Research has shown that spending time in nature has a positive effect on both our physical and mental well-being, and we believe that incorporating biophilic design principles into our office will result in an ultimate working environment.


Enterprising Monaghan is committed to sustainability and is actively working towards achieving the internationally recognized SDG goals for 2030. As a leading non profit, we prioritize sustainable economic growth in the county by providing full and productive employment, and promoting decent work for all.

To improve energy efficiency in our buildings, Enterprising Monaghan has undertaken the Green for Micro program. We have completed 80% of our LED upgrades paired with motion sensors and installed solar thermal panels to assist with hot water in the building, increasing the use of renewable energy on site.

Outdoor Seating Area
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