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Why Enterprising Monaghan

Find out why our team has been so successful. Enterprising Monaghan  is a not for profit organisation that has evolved over the last 35 years to suit the changing needs of the county’s many entrepreneurs and businesses. It is essentially a community-based company and all of its directors work on a voluntary basis.


The Company has had considerable success through its 30 years of leveraging finance from the E.U., and Government Programmes in County Monaghan.

Initiative Management

E.M have acquired a very solid knowledge of programme, and project management expertise in delivering enterprise and economic development projects in the county.

Cross Border Expertise

- The company also has experience at an Interregional, and on a cross border level. This expertise is evident corporately on three levels: the Board, the Staff and the embedded knowledge acquired over the years..

We Listen

By prioritising active listening, we have been able to grow in the right direction, which has resulted in our current position as  owners/managers of seven distinct buildings across the county.


The board structure of our organisation comprises 4 main committees- The board: Finance and Audit: Strategic Review and HR, each with specific roles and responsibilities to ensure effective governance and oversight, and each meeting on a regular basis to meet the needs of a well-run ship.


We take pride in our commitment to implementing a well-defined strategy and action plan. Our primary objective is to provide a focused and structured programme of support to drive enterprise development.

MtekI Building

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