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Enterprising Monaghan is the ideal destination for launching or expanding your business. We provide various training courses all year round, including podcasting, remote team management, remote employee participation, and many other topics. Our expert speakers are committed to equipping our clients the necessary abilities and understanding to succeed.


Where required, we also offer one-on-one mentoring and  guidance, offering our clients the personalised attention they require to achieve their objectives. Our dedication to ensuring the success of entrepreneurs distinguishes us from the competition. Visit us today to discover more and begin your entrepreneurial journey.

Our Courses

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If you are working Hybrid or Remote for both managers and employees


 Helping managers to improve their skills in management, leadership and




Did you know There are 52 million podcasts available in Spotify but 30% only have one or two episodes.

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Succeed As A Remote Employee

Discover the benefits and pitfalls of working from home and how you can overcome these.


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